Donation Wish List


Large Ticket Items

  • 4 door vehicle
  • Passenger vans

Furniture & Office

  • Twin beds, box and mattress
  • Office chairs, Desk, Filing cabinets
  • Furniture – chairs, couches, lamps, desks
  • Refrigerators, Stoves


  • Computers / Laptops / Copiers / Printers
  • 27″ or larger TV, VCR/DVD player
  • Stereos or Electronic Games


  • Exercise equipment
  • Bedding – New
  • Clothes and shoes – Male & Female

How to Make a Donation


Po’ailani Inc. is a private non-profit organization and donations are exempt from paying tax on the item or service donated to Po’ailani Inc.- 501©(3).

Please fill out this form and mail to:

Po’ailani Inc.

Attn: Cathy Sendrey

45-567 Pahia Rd.

Kaneohe, HI  96744



Po’ailani Inc. accepts most major insurances, please call our Intake Office at 262-2799 for any insurance coverage questions. If you do not have insurance, please call as the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division might be able to fund treatment.