Intake & Admission Process

The following documentation is required for admission into the Po’ailani Specialized Residential Treatment Program, and Outpatient Treatment Program:



Adult Mental Health Division Consumers – Ask your case manager to submit a current LOCUS and master treatment service plan (MTSP) in addition to the other documents.

Incarcerated Clients – Ask your probation officer, parole officer or case manager to contact the program on your behalf.


Forward the complete documentation packet to:

Po’ailani, Inc
Intake Office
45-567 Pahia Rd.
Kaneohe, HI 96744

Or fax 808 262-0970

Screening Process

Your application is not considered complete until all documentation is received. Once the complete documentation packet is received, it will be screened by the Intake Specialist and Treatment Team. The program will notify you if your admission request is accepted or denied. Once accepted, you will be placed on the waitlist if bed space is not available. You will be required to contact the intake office periodically to check for bed space availability.

Thank you for your interest in the Po’ailani Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program. Please contact the Intake office at 808 262-2799 with any further questions.